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Sooo, What’s A Veggie Cake?

Veggie Cakes are gourmet, all vegan occasion cakes and cupcakes.

Did I Hear You Say, Vegan?

Indeed. All Veggie Cakes are vegan, made without eggs, butter or any animal derived ingredients, such as gelatin. We are currently exploring gluten-free options as well.

Whose Idea WAS This?

Having always loved baking, Veggie Cakes Founder, and Chief Executive Sweet Tooth, Drea Smith was asked by close friends to bake and encouraged to make it a full-fledged business. Drea received inspiration for Veggie Cakes after a dinner party with friends where she was asked to re-create a cake made with sweet potatoes. Always up for a challenge, she found a few basic recipes, which she then tweaked and enhanced then, Voila! Sweet potato cake was born. To say it was “well-received,” would be an understatement. Fast forward about a year and requests for this irresistible treat were coming in fast and furious! At the behest of some dear friends, Drea Smith decided it was time to start her business (while keeping her full-time job in finance). Not wanting to be another ‘cookie-cutter’ (pun intended) cupcake maker, Drea opted to go a somewhat healthier route and incorporate vegetables into each delicious cake. After months of research (and taste testing), Veggie Cakes launched in January 2014, and quickly turned completely vegan.

The business has now expanded to include a total of 25 flavors, cake in a jar–which can be shipped nationwide–as well as custom occasion cakes.


About Chief Executive Sweet Tooth

A native of The Bronx, NY, founder and ‘Chief Executive Sweet Tooth’, Drea Smith has loved cooking and baking since her Easy Bake Oven days. Drea works full-time outside of the baking business in the field of finance and resides in NYC with her son, Chris.

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