Veggie Cakes are the BEST vegan cakes around!

But don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say:

The Travelin Diva

I am here to tell you ‘The Travelin Diva’ and her taste buds were pleasantly surprised!!!  Creator/baker Andrea Smith is a genius to hide vegetables in a cupcake with soft creamy rich frostings.  My favorite was the ‘sweet potato.’  Finger licking good!  Absolutely delicious.  Moms this is a cupcake you will not mind  letting the kids enjoy…” Read more at Passenger156.com

Shatara E.

When I first tasted the cupcake, the sweet potato, my favorite, I was stunned to know that it tastes so yummy but was also healthy.  I had to ask Andrea are you sure this is “a Veggie cupcake”? I literally ate a dozen cupcake all by myself, that’s how good it taste. I’m still shocked to know that a healthy cupcake can melt in your mouth without all the fat and unhealthy ingredients.

T. Espinoza

Veggie cakes are genius! They are the perfect blend of healthy veggies and sinful sweets. The sweet potato is a dream come true!

Rani R.K.

Veggie Cakes is the answer to my family’s prayers. My husband and children are vegan, and of course, love sweets! Veggie Cakes has become THE dessert at every event, when possible. Thank you so much!

Quiana W.

Veggie cakes completely blew me away. They were so moist and tasty no one would believe vegetables were used to make them.

Ellen R.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I heard ‘veggie cakes’ but OMG They Are Yummy!!

Stef B.

Simply Amazing!


They are DELISH…now I don’t feel so bad eating a cupcake!

Allison P.

Veggie Cakes are so delicious that I get the joy and taste of a sinful dessert, without all the unhealthy junk that would actually make in sinful!


I live in the Washington, DC area but I would SERIOUSLY consider a special trip to NYC for a batch of Veggie Cakes! I’m still in awe of how veggies can be used to create something so moist and yummy. I purchased the mini dozen and was so happy to know that as I over indulged by eating them back to back, I was also making a healthier decision by getting in my veggies. When I shared the only spare cupcake with my mom, she could not believe that it was made of sweet potato. It’s still unbelievable how good they actually are….can’t wait to get more!