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So, about this “vegan-friendly” thing…

“Vegan?  What does THAT mean?” 

A vegan diet is restricted to foods that are not meat or dairy based; basically, anything that had a ‘mama’ or is a product of a living animal is off limits. For us, this means no eggs, no milk, no butter. I know, I know, it sounds crazy that you can make a cake without these ingredients, but it’s possible and the results are nothing short of AMAZING!

SAY WHAT?!  Vegan sounds tasteless and bland to those who aren’t familiar with vegan baking. We get it.But trust us, not one of our delectable confections is reminiscent of cardboard, plastic or any other inedible foreign matter–we’ll make you a believer!

“What about fondant decorated cakes?”

Great question! We use a vegan fondant which is gelatin free. Please note that our fondant cakes require a minimum of 1 week notice for standard service and 72 hours notice for rush service (fee applies).

“Do you have gluten free options?”

While gluten free is not part of our standard menu items, we are happy to make any of our cakes gluten free upon request (additional charge may apply).

So, now that you know more, who’s ready for some cake?!